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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Shipping Policy

Our Policies 

The policies given below are Ampro`s Policies, which helps you to purchase and trade with us. We have mentioned these policies to guide you about Our Terms and Conditions, Our Cancellation Service, and Our Delivery Process. Ampro does not disclose your personal data ( that is received when you visit our website )with third parties until you are ok with it. 


Terms & Conditions 


General Terms 


No changes will be done in the price after finalising the automobile products, the discussion related to purchase order will be done at the time of delivery only.


We start the process of giving ownership of automotive equipment to purchasers after the acceptance of purchaser, no chances will be made after that.


The Ownership of goods to the seller, is provided to him at the time of full payment received by that seller.


Price and Payment Policy:-


The Ampro seller team issued the price chart to the buyer at the time of discussion that will be the final price for trading.


The payment will be made after receiving the invoice from the sales team. That will be done according to the discussion whether online or offline or what amount is on credit and on what date you will pay. 


It is necessary to pay some payment in advance, it is our general rule. 

The discount and advance policy will be disclosed by the seller team at the time of purchasing. That's why we are not mentioning it here.


Return & Cancellation Policy:-

Ampro offers a return or exchange policy within 7 days of purchasing the product, after that we don't offer any return policy. 


The 7 days return policy is applicable to only some products which are discussed at the time of purchasing the product.


The product is exchanged after checking its quality that it is in the same condition as at the time of purchase. 


If After purchasing the product, the seller wants to cancel it, this policy is only applicable to online customers. 


If the seller wants to exchange the product then, we provide the new product to sellers after receiving the old product. 


Delivery and Shipping Policy :-


We tried to give you on time delivery, but it also depends on the third party. So you can not deny the acceptance of a product if it may be delayed. 


Ampro also provides shipping policy to our foreign clients. We give excellent shipping delivery services for auto components products.


We give the time to time update from purchasing order to delivery by mail to the online customers.


Provide detailed information regarding billing on your mail. 


Some policies are not mentioned here but at the time of purchase of product that will definitely be disclosed with you.But before returning or exchanging the product please contact us regarding your issue to return or exchange the product. 


After reading these policies carefully you can conclude that Ampro as an automobile manufacturer is adequate regarding policies. All of your necessary information regarding the use and disclosure, we will protect the privacy of yours' personal information. And gives you all the necessary information regarding Our Policies.